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Where Filmmakers Bring You their Movie Reviews, DVD Reviews, Articles and... give filmmakers your support, financial or otherwise, and contribute to their film projects.Hi, my name is Alex Vachon
I am an independent filmmaker and freelance TV director. My strongest desire is to help filmmakers promote their film projects to investors, donators, and any potential benefactor in general.

I started doing research on the internet, and I found out that a lot of film lovers were looking for film and DVD reviews. Almost no site offers movie reviews written by those involved in making films! So, on one hand you have millions of film lovers looking for movie reviews, and on the other hand, thousands of talented film craftsmen, looking for people to support their projects.

Why not a web site where filmmakers and screenwriters could present their project? Why not a space where ANYONE could CONTRIBUTE to a film that seems promising? What if a non-profit organization wants your project to become a movie? And how about philanthropists, small and big? Imagine a screenwriter alone in his corner writing something so compelling that 10,000 visitors donate $5 each? What if?
The idea of Filmmakers Tower was born. It's for filmmakers, and film lovers.

Why call it a Tower?
The idea of a tower comes from my plan to build residential and working spaces for creators, and multimedia artists. These offices/residences will offer distinct qualities that answer their needs.

Who qualifies as a filmmaker?
Filmmakers Tower is an open and inclusive site. We welcome project submissions, articles and reviews from anyone who has filmed and edited video/film images, or contributed to the making of a film, professionally or not, in a direct way.

You must be 18 or older to submit your content.

A lot of people ask me what's my secret when directing films, or creating stories to be used for films? Well, I rely on the most comfortable office chairs, believe it or not. Click here to learn more. Or shoot me an email at

Film Showcase for Investors, Philanthropists, and Financial Support 
The Film Showcase Area allows you to look at film projects that are in need for investors, philanthropists, and the film lover willing to give financial support, big or small.

Filmmakers Write Movie Reviews, Including DVD Reviews for you. 
Who better than filmmakers to deliver MOVIE REVIEWS and DVD REVIEWS?

Filmmaking Articles by Filmmakers 
Who better than filmmakers to deliver filmmaking articles?

Financial Support Form For Your Film Project 
Financial support is a vital part of making films. Fill out this form and funnel MONEY towards your project.

Copyright Infos 
Copyrights Infos are necessary to understand how your original work is protected. Here is a good way to start.

Filmmakers, Post Movie Reviews Here 
If you are a filmmaker, you can post movie reviews here.

Post Your Filmmaker Article 
If you are a filmmaker and want to share your knowledge and experience in filmmaking, this is the place to Post Your Filmmaker Article.

Non Disclosure Agreement Form 
Print this NDA and have it signed with potential partners on your film

The Real Estate Filmmakers Tower Project 
The Real Estate Filmmakers Tower is a residential/office tower designed for the needs of professionals working in motion pictures, and interactive media.

About Filmmakers Tower 
Filmmakers Tower is about creating a space where filmmakers and film lovers converge.

Privacy Policy 
Please read the following to learn more about our privacy policy ("Privacy Policy").

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